Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sector 82

These are photographs I took today of our local marketplace in Sector 82. If you recall, this is also the sector where I had our throw-pillows made. Sector 82 is the closest "village" to the apartment complexes in our neighborhood (Sector 93A).
Indumathi, the children and I all did some exploring in several neighboring sectors. We managed to find a nice meat market, "Chick Mart," where we bought our first taste of fish... This purchase for me definitely required a big leap of faith. The shop owner, who goes by the name of, "Rocky," lived for 15 years in Milwaukee, spoke excellent English, and was very encouraging regarding the quality and freshness of his meats.
We also found a good grocery in nearby Sector 50 where we actually found organic eggs. I should note that, as in many countries of the world, eggs are not refrigerated here. The carton lists a packing date. The eggs are then good for about 14 days after this stamped date. This purchase also required a boost in my comfort-level. But as with most experiences in India... things don't necessarily make sense, but they always seem to work. The eggs tasted fresh and were quite good. (as was the fish).
I have included a photo of one of the many small produce markets that line the streets of Noida. You can find these everywhere. This one is very nearby - also Sector 82. The freshest produce tends to be found around 11am or 4pm when the farmers bring their fruits and vegetables into town for sale each day.

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