Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally Some Sightseeing

We finally managed to do some sight-seeing in New Delhi with S.K. We've felt really bad for the kids because they have suffered through many days of shopping and waiting and government offices and waiting. Today was a pretty day and our schedule was free!
SK first took us to one of the largest Hindu Temples in India, Akshardaham. This huge temple is dedicated to Bahgwan Swaminarayn (1781-1830). It sits on 100 acres and consists of beautiful gardens, fountains, sculpture, and well... click the link to see this massive place: The tour includes an Imax film, some animatron exhibits (surely to make Walt Disney himself proud).. and for the truly devoted, a 15 minute boat ride through "10,000 years of Indian history and culture." (Again, this boat-ride must have been inspired by the exhibit-innovations of Mr. Disney) Despite itself, this Temple really is a beautiful place... existing to promote the virtues of peace, harmony, moral values.
SK then traveled to Connaught Place where we had lunch at a famous Southern-Indian restaurant called, Sarvanaa Bhavan. We then traveled to the India Gate (see photo). This memorial gate was built by the British to honor the thousands of Indian born troops who fought and died in World War I. The place was rather crazy today... many National police officers and barracades were there - security in preparation for Republic Day on the 26th of January. It was fun to see - especially on a Sunday afternoon when many Indian families come out to sight-see, picnic and stroll in the open mall areas around the President's home and the India Gate.


Kathy said...

Hi you guys, miss you. Tonight on the golden globes, slumdog millionaire won best movie (and many others) for drama.
I heard Audrey and Evan are coming to participate in some easy bake oven? Fantastic! Glad you guys are able to eat some fruit and take a break also, looking at some beautiful sights. I'm also glad that the school shuts down on cold weather, my kind of school! And Kate's too! I like their definition of cool weather. What do they do in hot weather, because I know India can get down on hot weather.

HouseBoy said...

Yes - I've been hearing alot about Slumdog Millionaire even though it has not opened here yet. Indians love movies so there are already reviews in the press and much speculation about the Oscars.
We are glad the kids are back to school. They have had a really long break.
Kathy, send me your email address.