Friday, January 9, 2009

Fruit, wonderful fruit

Fruit, wonderful fruit -- we had a taste of fresh fruit for the first time in four weeks! We have been playing it safe and not eating fresh fruit until we were sure how to buy, wash and eat it safely.
So armed with the knowledge of how to wash, a special soaking solution called Steriliq, and our trusted cook, Indomathi, we headed to the INA market in New Delhi.
This is a famous and fairly old marketplace in the city. Indomathi said it was a great place and it is! Fairly clean and safe, it is full of market stalls. Like many markets throughout the world, each stall is dedicated to a particular line of products. There are stores for produce, cloth, clothing, sweets and baked goods, dairy items, meats, vegetables and fresh fruit. We found a great outdoor restaurant where they make fresh Naan (see photo). We purchased many provisions including spices, rice, oil, baskets, a ladder, water pitcher, and of course fresh vegetables and fruit. For the last 2 days our mornings have been filled the tastes of fresh kiwi, oranges and plums... sweet and juicy!


mick said...

Awesome Blog! Very entertainig! Sounds like you are really getting into the swing of things. Sorry I didn't log on earlier...we have a lot of catching up to do! We spent Christmas in Austin. We really missed seeing you guys! Happy New Year!

HouseBoy said...

Thank you for reading the blog! We are having fun writing it and sharing our (almost) daily adventures! Sorry we missed you in Austin at Christmas time.

Jennifer Zimmerman said...

Your post about the market is making me hungry. The more you post about food, the more I feel like I might need to start being a vegetarian. Hope you are loving it so far!