Friday, January 23, 2009

Evan's 7th Birthday!

Evan celebrated his seventh birthday today. We had a nice evening with our neighbors from upstairs. Esha and Shreyas are our kids' good buddies, so they helped join in the fun. We played games, ate pizza and cake, and then tried out some of Evan's new toys.

The cake was a very good dark chocolate one from "Uncle Sam's," our local bakery here in the society. The pizza was from Domino's. We found out from our neighbors that the region President of Domino's actually lives here at ATS Village. We now know why we routinely get really quick, thorough service from our local franchise!
One of Evan's favorite gifts was the storybook his sister gave him about the exploits of the god Shiva. And of course he still loves building things, so the Lego kit and the erector set were also high on his list! He seemed to really enjoy everything.

I have to share that the wrapping "paper" common here in India is actually made out of Mylar. It is sold only in single sheets. Also, the quality of tape here is less than wonderful. Evan had quite a few gifts from family and friends that had been shipped to us from around the world. With such a tall stack of nice gifts, and with me wrestling with multiple sheets of Mylar and bad tape, it took me about 2 hours to wrap everything. Of course Evan managed to unwrap this same pile in about 5 minutes!

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