Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama in India

Lesa and I had fun staying up late last night watching the CNN and BBC feeds covering the Inaugural events in Washington. We also enjoyed flipping to some of the India News Networks to get the Indian perspective.

As in most of the world, Obama is viewed by most here as a fresh voice and a milestone for democracy - especially to help re-establish the United States as a provider of just, moral leadership in the world. The Times of India noted that "televisions were on all night across India watching the inauguration." Despite having major differences over some policy issues, India very much views the U.S. as a sister-democracy. There is much hope here that the ties between these 2 nations will continue to strengthen and grow!

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David Hoster said...

It was an amazing event over here, probably moreso for your being halfway around the world. There's a feeling that some things might really change and that will be as welcome for us at home as it is for India.