Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home Improvements?

I had to share these images... our landlords have provided us with several modern conveniences to modernize our lifestyle here in India. The execution of these improvements? ...well, I'll let you decide.
First up - additional power plugs in the kitchen. We have three countertop plugs instead of two. Nice.

Second - this is a big one - piped gas. This will replace our use of CNG cylinders. Perhaps you'd forgotten that we cook with what is essentially a camp stove with a propane tank stowed under the counter? Of course, the new meter was very stylishly placed above the counter top against our lovely tiled back-splash and granite counter-top. The meter installation caused us to lose one of our normal kitchen plugs (hence the lovely new plugs shown above) because it was too close to the new gas line.
Always thinking about our safety. I did ask the required question: "Why didn't you just place the meter under the counter?" The response was a pleasant smile and head waggle.

Third - We now have a new security camera/intercom/automatic door release system to replace the old one that hasn't worked for the last four months.  This is actually great - we live on the third floor (second if you're from India). Access to the outside is through a large door at ground level with an electric lock. If a visitor comes they can ring our flat from the street. The camera and intercom turn on and, voila, we can let them enter by releasing the door-latch with a remote button. The monitor is nice - widescreen and in full color. Again, though, it was the execution of the plan that seemed to get in the way.

Please note the power plug mysteriously wired to the water pump switch. Water pump switch you ask? Another wonderful gadget  - the main tank on the roof doesn't refill automatically. When there is no water for a morning shower we must turn on the switch to fill the tank. Then, of course I forget to switch it off and the neighbor's staff come and yell at me when the tank overflows... as if I somehow know the tank is full.

Interior home aesthetics reign supreme.  I did ask the four guys that installed this mess if someone might be coming to repaint:
Smile, head-waggle, "Ha, ha" (Yes, yes).... too-mah-row."

To be honest, life without expectations is quite refreshing most of the time.