Monday, December 15, 2008

Lotus Valley

Getting into an Indian school is about exams and interviews for the children. For the parents it involves a tremendous amount of waiting, flattery, and ultimately patience.

The children passed their school placement exams today at Lotus Valley International School. They both did really well and will enter at their current grade levels. Audrey is really charged up about starting saying: "tomorrow is going to be the most exciting day of my life." She is sure she will have a new friend by the end of the day. Evan is more reserved, but gladly didn't fuss about wearing a uniform.

Although there is protocol at every turn, the staff have been warm and welcoming. The kids' first day of school will be on Tuesday (tomorrow!!).
The kids have been amazing for the entire past week. They are experiencing massive amounts of change -- time, culture, accent, food -- and taking it all in stride. They have hardly fussed through multiple long days of apartment hunting, school interviews, Indian meals and waiting, waiting, waiting.

The other BIG event today was that we signed the lease on our apartment at ATS Green Village. It is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom flat overlooking the gardens and pool of the complex (known as "Societies" here). The flat includes a secure, separate room and bath for a live-in servant. We plan to hire both a cook/housekeeper and a driver at least for the first few months here.

Establishing a utility service, a bank account, buying a cell phone - any task involving paperwork is agonizing here. There is always a proper order of events, a protocol for signatures and review, and a specific number of copies to be made... Passport photos, copies of passports and visas, copies of lease-contracts, letters of employment, all seem to be required to set up any service. Standing in a queue or waiting a significant amount of time before, during and after each step seems to be part of the price of admission.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to those beautiful children tomorrow, which is today.

It is cold today here in Austin. It doesn't look too cold there. Yesterday it was about 72, but then it flipped this morning to freezing my bottom, it's been about 35 to 45 all day.

I'm telling you, it is weird to see Audrey and Evan next to the school sign, because they were just here, and we were looking at that school sign on the internet. I know, the miracle (ok, maybe it's not a "miracle" per se) of flight is known by all, but come on, I find it mind-boggling that persons can be here (that is, in Austin, Tx.) and then be half way around the world in a relatively short time, and to top it off, starting school. I know we really can't think too hard about this or the momentum would slow, but don't you find it amazing also?
Shoot, I'm still amazed about the "miracle" of birth. You know, they weren't here, and then, poof, they are. Sort of the same thing? Ok, maybe an altered analogy.

Anyway, I have no doubts Audrey (and Evan too) will have a friend by the end of the day. Happy school.

sujal said...

wow, that looks like a fancy school. Hope you guys are having fun!

Immanuel said...

Houseboy (hhhmmm... ;-) that sounds a bit weird with all these talks about live-in help), sorry to post this message here. But, is your e-mail address your main one now? Turns out that I only had the

HouseBoy said...

Kids had an awesome first 2 days of school. We were nervous because Evan got a little upset when we dropped him off on Tuesday (first day). But when I picked them up they were both fine. This morning when I offered to walk them to class they both said, "no, we know where to go... after a kiss and a hug, off they went!" And yes they both already have a friend or two.
To think of all they have gone through and seen these last few weeks... they are amazing.