Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dipping our toes in

We made it to Indira Gandhi Airport late Monday night. The flights were long but actually pretty good... kudos to Continental Airlines. The kids were fantastic... and in hog-heaven since they had access to movies, shows and video games for almost 14 hours. : )
We are comfortably staying in the Radisson-Noida for our first few days... my only complaint is that the internet is slow and last night it wouldn't let me send out any emails... going to call their IT today to see what the issue is. Spent most of our first day starting to register the kids their school and looking at 8 or 9 possible apartments. I think we have it narrowed down to 3 or 4 good possibilities right near the school and work. More on this later.
We also have a cell now... I will send the number out today if my email is working. Lesa has already sent this out to a few folks via her work email.
Today brings us more apartments, school registration and a little exploration. I will bring my camera today to get a few pictures. Namaste.


Mrs. Smith said...


the Garretts said...

Friends - so glad to hear you successfully departed and arrived! Abbey & I were sad to lose you at the Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting ... but thrilled nontheless to have seen you one last time before you left! Congratulations. We'll stay tuned for more news as your journey unfolds.

Jennifer Zimmerman said...

We are so happy you made it! Artie has been pretending to be "Mr. Jonathan" ever since you left. He has made many phone calls to Audrey and Evan both via his "cell phone", which happens to be a calculator. We can't believe you are there!!! It doesn't seem like reality. Can't wait to hear more. - The Zims

Anonymous said...

Ok, we miss you (now, I forgot, when are you coming home?--ok, just kidding, sort of...). And yes, I'm glad you're there safely. I looked at your hotel on-line, I saw the massauses (however you spell that), it looks pretty rugged. Hopefully the cows won't come through, or they won't try to feed you water--if that doesn't happen, well, Indian life is probably pretty good, I'm guessing. Take care.

Susan said...

So thankful that you all made it there!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you all and are so excited for your new adventure. Merry Christmas to the Sayer family' Love, Sue, Bob and Aunt Jane