Saturday, December 6, 2008

Heading to India

We have our new tickets and are set to fly to New Delhi via Newark, NJ on Monday, December 8th... We are both excited and rather anxious, but are looking forward to the adventure - especially after a week of living out of suitcases in our own home.

Just as a reminder, if you have been trying to get in touch with us, our only working phone is our home phone - only set up for local calls at this point. Email is the best way to reach us until we have a phone and permanent address established in Noida (hopefully by the end of December). Snail mail addressed to our US address will not be forwarded to India by the postal service.

Our renter/house-sitter moves in with us this weekend for a crash-course in care-taking the 'homestead' here in Austin. I think she will enjoy the home and our neighborhood and we will be able to communicate easily with her through work email.


Mr. Smith said...

We'll see you when you get here. Safe travels. :o)

mr and mrs smith

HouseBoy said...

thanks! We look forward to seeing you guys as well!

Anonymous said...

I am happy, and I am sad. I just visited facebook to watch videos of Noida. It looks interesting and exciting. I just watched the amusement park one: and also how two Noida ladies outsmarted and outstrengthened two men on motorcycles: Don't mess with Noida women!!!!
What a great adventure, but we will miss you. We await word. Safe flight.

David Hoster said...

Since it's Monday the 8th, you must be on your way. You go with my best wishes and prayers for safe travel and a wonderful time at work in India. I'll look forward to your blogs when you arrive.
So...welcome to India!

Immanuel said...

We just got your xmas card. Wow! Didn't realize that you guys were really pulling the trigger. Motorola, Noida, presumably?

Kudos, and all the best to all four of you.

I keep telling people that one of these days I would retire on a beach and sell cheese jaffles out of a shack (like in Goa).

It'll be a wild ride, especially for the kids.

Have a "warm" Merry Xmas & Happy New Year too!

Heidi said...

For those of you who have not yet heard, the Sayers have safely arrived in Noida. They are apartment hunting and getting the kids ready for school. It sounds like all is well!