Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a nice Halloween this year. We all went to the American Embassy School's "Fall Fiesta." This is essentially a giant kids Halloween romp. All of the students wear their costumes. There are games, prizes, contests and a lot of kid friendly food.
This year Evan went as a ghoul....
And Audrey went as a Vampiress. One of her favorite incarnations! Audrey also went trick or treating with her friend Mariam on the AES Campus. Both the kids helped me design this year's pumpkin. (banner photo)
Happy Halloween!


Mr. Smith said...

We did that while we were there. Lots of fun! How have things been going? Seems like you all are thriving, and have left the comforts of Noida for the confines of Delhi. :o)

As an FYI, Amy passed away in October. Her heart condition caught up with her finally, and she died peacefully in her sleep early morning on the 16th. Kids and I are doing ok.

Well, take care and enjoy Delhi! What are the future plans?

Kind regards,


HouseBoy said...

So very sorry to hear about Amy. We had no idea. Our prayers and sympathies go out to you and your children!

We will stay in touch. Plan to be in Delhi through June or July, 2011.