Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Scouting Merit Badge!

Evan and I recently joined New Delhi's Pack 3060 Boy Scout Troop. Evan is a Bear Cub and I have become an Assistant Den Leader for the third graders. We meet about 3 times a month and usually do an additional activity as well... this month we are doing a hike at a local Delhi wildlife sanctuary... next month a camp out in Faridabad, etc.
At this month's pack meeting Evan was awarded his first merit badge: The Bobcat! In order to earn the badge, Evan had to learn the Cub Scout Promise, Pack Law, Motto, hand shake and salute among other things! He did a great job!
The boys in our "Bear Den" are from all over the world including India, the US, Nepal, England, Australia and South Korea! The boys are all in the third grade.