Friday, May 18, 2012

Audrey in the Studio

Audrey had her first big gig as a voice-over artist this afternoon. She recorded several takes for the introductory and concluding narration of our short documentary, "Champa Mera Sathi."
Her voice will be a part of the North American version of the film. Audrey got to record in the sound-proof studio, and work with the sound team at Mahatta Media Studios:
Sound Engineer Nittin, Lead Sound Engineer Swapan, and my Recording Manager & good friend, Prachi. Here's a BIG "thank you" to the Mahatta staff for all of their help and professionalism! It was a nice opportunity for Audrey... She had a lot of fun today!


Phil Greaney said...


I'm Phil, my wife and I are moving from the French Alps to Delhi in June this year (we're from England originally). We're very much looking forward to it - I'm hungry to learn more.

I've read most of your blog, from the early days until now and I've found it really interesting and useful too - thanks! For my money, you write a good combination of personal reactions and reflections, which means there is a very 'human' face to your blog - alongside some really useful tips, too. The photos are excellent. I'll be visiting here again - especially that post on how to get good coffee...

I blog here about my soon-to-be India adventure:

Thanks, best to you all,


HouseBoy said...

Thanks for reading, Phil... India has provided quite a series of experiences for our family... most of them completely unexpected... Sadly we are shifting back to the US (Austin, Texas) for the time being. It is a bitter-sweet change, but we return home far different people than when we first set foot in incredible India. Be glad to help if you have any questions during your own India Adventures!

Phil Greaney said...

Thanks - bittersweet, yes, I can imagine. if I have any questions, I'll send them your way. Good luck with your shift, Phil