Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter at the Embassy

I took Audrey and Evan this morning to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the US Embassy. The hunt is held in the backyard of the US Ambassador’s home on the Embassy compound. We got to meet and chat with the Ambassador and his wife, Tim and Sally Roemer.
The kids got to hunt eggs, received little gifts and did some crafts. We all ate tasty cookies and brownies and drank nice coffee and punch, made by the embassy staff.
Of course Audrey, never one to be shy, asked Mrs. Roemer about her very big house: “Do you ever let anyone go inside?”
To which Sally Roemer replied, “Of, course, do you want to come see?” Mrs. Roemer then proceeded to lead Audrey and Evan inside and gave them a personal tour of part of the first floor! The Roemers are really nice – great Ambassadors. Their home is a large Kennedy-era mansion.