Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lassi Anyone?

One of my favorite adventures in Rajasthan was our search for the perfect lassi! A lassi is the original "smoothie." Yogurt (called dahi in Hindi, or curd in Indian English) blended with cream, water, and sometimes fruit. Fruit is a western addition, though. An authentic lassi is made either sweet or salty. They are best when served cold. In Jaipur, we found the original "LassiWala". This shop has been in operation since 1944 and serves its lassis very fresh, very cold and very inexpensive - only 12 Rupees! (about 25 cents).
Each lassi is served in a large clay cup - the original disposable cup. The lassi-walas make each lassi fresh to order. They have a delightful foamy cream top, are ice cold, smooth and sweet! These lassis were so good, that we went on a lassi binge for the rest of our trip - ordering them wherever we went. By far, the Jaipur LassiWala served the best lassis that we ever had.


thenguyens said...

Wow. You guys really know how to travel! Looks like you will have seen all of India and beyond when you return to the US. Glad you're having fun.


Great description of Lassi sir. Looking at the picture, seems like the kids don't like it. :)
It's so satisfying to know that you all are living in my country happily for a while now (its equally your's also). Over the time I have realised that India is incredible just because of Incredible people like you all, here in India we hardly cherish the nation for its goodness, though in every country there is something to be sad about. Thank you for staying here, thank you for writing all your experiences here, thank you for loving a clay cup full of lassi, thank you for everything. Take Care.

HouseBoy said...

The kids prefer banana lassi over the classic sweet lassi. Thanks for the comments. We are having fun!