Monday, March 9, 2009

Cowboys are Indians

We spent Saturday with our American friend, Kate at Connaught Place (CP)- doing some shopping and enjoying the atmosphere. CP is a central hub in Delhi, originally laid out by the British. It is now a place where many travelers (and locals) go to shop, meet and eat. Good bookstores, clothing, emporiums for local arts and crafts, and many, many restaurants can all be found here.
We wound up going to a restaurant known as "Rodeo." It is on the inner-most circle of Connaught Place. Rodeo is famous for its Tex-Mex menu (with a dose of Indian masala).
We had a blast... We walked in and Hank Williams, Jr was blasting out of the jukebox. All of the waiters and waitresses had on cowboy boots and hats. Some of the waiters even had six shooters (albeit cardboard) strapped to their belts! The adults in our crew were in hog-heaven - ice cold Margaritas!When the real salsa, cheese nachos and tacos were placed on our table the kids were in hog heaven! It was a great night of cowgirls, cowboys, and Indians - a little taste of Texas (sort of) all right in the middle of New Delhi.

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Jennifer Zimmerman said...

If Artie refuses to eat anything else, we may have to go to that restaurant while we are there.