Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tripping out of Delhi

We took our first trip out of the Delhi/Noida area. Went down into Northern Rajasthan. This is a large state just to the south and west of the Delhi-metro area.

We visited two really great places not far from the small city of Alwar: Neemrana Fort http://www.touristplacesinindia.com/neemrana/about-neemrana.html and The Sariska National Park. http://sariska.com/ I will post photos and more description later today or tomorrow


Immanuel said...

Been a while since I checked in. A bit late on this comment. But... Yeah, I forgot to tell about the hard part ;-) about this live-in help thing. This was one of the reasons for me to settle in the States. I, too, felt uncomfortable dealing with live-in help thing once I got used to the western lifestyle.

Mind you I was born into this kind of culture. It's my parents worst headache, it seems, to constantly deal with this stuff. You're being an employer really, micro (family) business.


Immanuel said...

Are there any actual camels or elephants "carrying" high-tech ad boards?

And... Have you yet had to deal with "gifts" to get things done?


HouseBoy said...

The employer-employee thing is improving - but I suppose it can change at any moment. We have a good cook/cleaner and a reliable driver at the moment. Both speak English and have been a big help. Rajasthan has many camels but no advert boards. We have only seen a few elephants so far. These have been heading to weddings.